…by popular request… a reprise of my Open Challenge to Agents and Publishers… #TBSU…

Can’t help but think that this should be how it is.

Seumas Gallacher

…it shouldn’t really have surprised me… the reaction and responses were 100% positive from the WURLD of indies and self publishers when I whipped the undernoted post onto the blog on July 7th… some of yeez Lads and Lassies in Blog Land asked for a re-run… here it is… pass it around… (the Indies/Self Publishers Empire Strikes Back!)… LUV YEEZ!

… open letter to Agents and Publishers… are YOU good enough to handle MY literary work?…show me your credentials… #TBSU…

… yeez know me by now, I’m NOT one who generally wants to cause any trouble for anyone… no, seriously, I’m not… but I think I may have just had a  flash of the blindingly obvious… this ol’ Jurassic has spent approximately 88.88 % of my WURKING career in real-life business… then I allowed myself to be seduced into the hypnotic WURLD of independent self-publishing… the miracle of 

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