…it must be the pull of the Moon, Mabel… madness for a Scotsman, I know… giving stuff away for NUTHIN’…

Bargain time!

Seumas Gallacher


…it has been said so many times before… the thinnest book in the world is ‘Collected Tales of a Scotsman’s Generosity’… a saying, it should be emphasised, put about by people who live south of Hadrian’s Wall… be that as it may, this ol’ Jurassic is primed to enter the rolls of those beneficent Caledonians… those whose donating hands are more open than yon shark’s eating cavity in ‘Jaws’… equal in stature to the celebrated philanthropists of a bygone era… in short… I’m about to give yeez sum’thing for nuthin’… at precisely 00.01am on the morn of October 8th, Pacific West Coast time…. which should have arrived before most of yeez get to read this thingy… Master Gallacher’s wee offering, SELF-PUBLISHING STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL SALES will be available on the Great God Amazon Kindle at a price of exactly zero… nil moolah… nae farthings… no currency required…

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