Ready to Launch! Please Help My Debut Novel Take Off! Here’s How!

A new author needs some help.

Kylie Betzner

Hello everyone! I know I’ve been talking endlessly about my debut novel, but it’s coming out very soon, January 30th in fact, and so I’m gearing up for the big launch!

In advance, I’ll be hosting a month-long treasure hunt/sweepstakes-type-of-thing as well as participating in several featured author spots. (More info to come). And on the day of, I’ll be hosting a type of launch party on my Twitter site @kbbetzner. I’d like to keep things fun and lively and get as many likes and shares as possible on that date.

So what the heck am I asking for? Basically, I’m not asking much, but if you’d like to support me on my big day, please commit to some or all of the following:

  • Share my book-related posts and author interviews with your followers.
  • Visit my Twitter account. Likes are nice but RTs are better!
  • Request an advanced review copy…

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