…the captains of industry and commerce ‘get’ the ‘BUSINESS’ of writing…

Another truism from Seumas.

Seumas Gallacher

…among the several real side pleasures to be derived from being an Author is being invited as a Guest Speaker at various groups… this ol’ Jurassic has enjoyed spouting at various gatherings in the principal guise of being a ‘writer’… I’m sure many of yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land have been involved in many such similar events… the readers, and other ‘live’ or ‘wannabe’ quill-scrapers in your communities, are generally interested in the scribbling part of the gig… along the way, my audiences have broadened into folks who are keen to hear how an ancient banker metamorphosed into a SOSYAL NETWURK gadfly… and particularly how these channels help to propagate an Author’s name, and hopefully sales of his/her literary masterpieces… today, I was privileged to be the Guest Speaker at the Rotary Club luncheon in Manama, Bahrain…. business persons, all… the welcome was hearty… the audience…

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