In Case You Can’t Wait: The Quest for the Holy Something or Other Available for Preorder and Print on Demand!

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Kylie Betzner

The_Quest_3d_mockup_backless You can have a copy now!

Good morning, everyone! I know the official release for my debut novel is not until January 30th, but I managed to make it available early in some formats. Why? Because I love you, and I can’t wait to share the laughs with my friends!

If you can’t wait until January 30th to get your hot little hands on a copy of the book (because I know you’re all foaming at the mouth), you can order a paperback copy off of Amazon for as low as $11.37. Order now and it can be at your door this week! Just follow the link here.

Want the Kindle Edition? Preorder your copy here.

If you enjoy shows like Galavant, Monty Python, Merlin, and Tangled as well as authors like Terry Pratchett, Gerald Morris, and George R. R. Martin, you’ll love this book!

Before I’m done here, I just…

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